Poems for Broken Screens
AT&T Performing Arts Center
Therefore, 2023


Disturbance: Sweet Tooth Hotel
Dallas, TX
October, 2019

A Ship of Human Skin
Tropic Pictures / Dir. Richard Bailey

A Ship of Human Skin (Trailer) from Tropic Pictures on Vimeo.

The Alexa Dialogues
AT&T Performing Arts Center
Therefore, 2018

Art Party Show

Therefore, 2017

Holy Bone
Dead White Zombies, 2017

The World’s Safest Art Show
Therefore, 2016

Acoustic Nerves
Therefore, 2016

It’s Not That Simple

Dead White Zombies, 2015

It’S nOt Ur BiRtHdAy PaRtY
Slik Stockings + Therefore, 2015

The Dallas Observer
George Quartz, 2013

Slik Stockings, 2013

9 Cents a Copy
Slik Stockings & Emily Loving, 2012

Virgina Slingshot
Slik Stockings, 2012

Eating Contest
In Cooperation with Muscle Nation, 2012

‘N Sink
In Cooperation With Muscle Nation, 2012

Flesh World
Dead White Zombies, 2012

Dash Snow
Slik Stockings, 2012